Tuesday, June 16, 2015

San Diego County offers free recycling for small business!

For a limited time San Diego will provide free recycling kits to small businesses for the collection of used mercury lamps. The county has received federal funds to stimulate recycling, and ALMR member, Lighting Resources is providing the recycling services .

To learn more about how your business can take part contact Karilyn Merlos at (858) 495-5799, or complete the information sheet at

Minnesota community offers free compact light bulbs and free recycling for the old ones!

Minnesota community offers free compact light bulbs and free recycling for the old ones!

(Article by Bryan Zollman of the Sauk Centre Herald reprinted with permission)

Customers of the Sauk Centre, MN Public Utilities Commission can exchange unbroken bulbs for new ones.

The PUC is offering a program to help residents recycle their compact fluorescent light bulbs. Because the bulbs contain mercury and it costs to have them recycled, the PUC is making sure people don’t dispose of them in their garbage and is offering a new light bulb free of charge for any unbroken bulb turned in.

“Right now they have to pay to get rid of them because they are considered a hazardous waste,” said PUC Superintendent Marty Sunderman. “Who is going to drive out to have their bulbs disposed of and pay $5 to do it? Nobody.”

The PUC is offering the program throughout the rest of the year. They will collect the burnt out bulbs and store them in a safe area until the county-wide clean up date. The county will then dispose of them properly at no charge to the city.

“This program is good for the environment and it’s good for the customer,” Sunderman said. “It’s a great program for everyone.” The PUC will not collect any broken bulbs, and you must be a PUC customer to take advantage of the program.

The Sauk Centre Public Utilities building is located at 101 Main Street, across the street from the water fountain at Sinclair Lewis Park. The PUC can be contacted at 320-352-6538.